What is Alli?

Alli is a weight loss capsule combined with a diet and exercise programme which is designed to help you lose weight effectively and safely. Alli is marketed as Xenical in the US and other countries and as Alli in the UK by GlaxoSmithKline. But what do the Alli capsules contain and how do they work? Each alli capsule is comprised of an active ingredient called ‘Orlistat’ which works by preventing some of the fat present in food from being absorbed. This stops it from contributing to weight gain. Orlistat is discussed in a separate section. Alli is a carefully controlled system which requires you to take each capsule as directed, follow a low fat diet and take exercise. You will also have to take a multivitamin on a daily basis to ensure that you absorb essential vitamins.

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It is easy to assume that alli is a’ magic bullet’: that it will solve all your weight problems in a flash. That you can continue to eat what you want and lead the same lifestyle as before, safe in the knowledge that the weight will drop off you as you do so.

Alli and a sensible diet plan

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Research has shown that alli is an effective method for weight loss but in combination with a weight loss programme. This will enable you to lose weight slowly and safely over a period of time. Do not be tempted to crash diet or try other methods such as ‘fad diets’ to lose large amounts of weight. Rapid weight loss may seem like a good idea but evidence has shown that it leads to weight being regained in a matter of a few weeks.

What happens is that existing on an extremely low calorie intake has a dramatic impact on your metabolism. Your body perceives this calorie restriction as a sign of an approaching famine and goes into hibernation.

This causes your metabolism to slow down. Any excess calories are stored as fat which then leads to weight gain. Weight is regained quickly and often in a matter of a few weeks. Often this amount is greater than before the dieting.

The dieter then becomes locked into a vicious circle of dieting and weight gain which causes their metabolism to slow even more. They find themselves overeating due to the extreme calorie deprivation which causes weight gain and so on…

The other problem with this is vitamin deficiency. Many dieters who adopt this method find themselves lacking in essential vitamins and minerals which are vital for health and wellbeing. Plus there is the risk of the body using energy sources from other areas which can also affect blood sugar levels.

Experts advise people to lose weight slowly and to switch to a healthy, low fat diet on a permanent basis. If this is followed in conjunction as part of the alli weight loss programme then any extra pounds will fall off and stay off.

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