Federal Health Care Law Good For Women-2541

February 24th, 2011
Federal Health Care Law Good For Women-2541

With the debate about President Obama’s health care reforms still continuing, it has been pointed out by some professionals that the bill is good for women; repealing it would only cause harm.

The experts point out that without this new law, women could be denied any health insurance coverage if they forced to have a caesarean section, or suffer from breast or cervical cancer. Further, they will not be covered if they need medical treatment for domestic or sexual abuse or violence.

The experts also say the Obama law guarantees women are protected for maternity care, prescription drugs, and mental health care.

Oddly, of all the age groups, young women are the least likely to have health insurance. The new federal law allows them to remain on their parent’s health insurance policy until they reach 26. This will be a tremendous benefit, particularly for young women who are not married and still living with their parents.

Supporters of the Obama Bill suggest that opponents of the reforms should come up with viable alternatives and solutions rather than simply opposing it.

Many businesses, both in the US and UK, offer health insurance as part of their remuneration package, so are covered. However millions of Americans are currently either under insured or are not covered at all. The Obama health Bill aims to address this by forcing people to take out health insurance by 2014. Those who cannot afford it will be subsidised.

Meanwhile a report has just been published stating that the numbers of Americans given health insurance through their employer has fallen below 60%. It appears that businesses in an effort to cut costs are cutting down on their health insurance provision.

Ironically, it isn’t just individual employees who are suffering. Physicians in the State of Arizona have reported they are not getting enough patients coming through their doors. So they are also losing business.

For instance, Dr. Ismael Guerrero, who works in the city of Yuma in Arizona, said:  “Sixty-five percent of what I see is Medicare.”


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