Is Jeremy Hunt Right?

October 10th, 2012
Is Jeremy Hunt Right?

The Coalition government health secretary recently courted controversy when he made his own personal views known about abortion.

And while he was condemned not least by the prime minister, some people have come out in his support. What’s more, it is also women who have come out in favour of reducing the limit to 12 weeks. Yet, not a lot of women journalists appear to have taken any notice of this. Rather they have condemned his views outright.

However the controversy surrounding Jeremy Hunt has only served to fuel once more the anti and pro abortion lobbies which are already having a serious dispute in the USA. The UK could follow.

In Britain, till now at least, a woman’s right to have an abortion has never been questioned to any great extent. So, why has Jeremy Hunt come out now with his views?

Some commentators believe that it is part of an agenda to try and take women’s rights back to pre-abortion days; even demonise them for getting an abortion. But medical experts believe that the current limit is acceptable because it’s based on scientific research.

Other commentators however say that the current controversy is really because the individual who let his views known is a man. As such, he has no right to voice his opinion about women. This view is reminiscent of Sigmund Freud, the father of Psychiatry who developed his theories about men based on women. So perhaps Jeremy Hunt has a point.

That said though, many other experts believe that while Jeremy Hunt is right to be able to voice his ideas, those ideas however are not correct. Moreover they also suggest that as it is a woman’s issue primarily, it should be women and not men who have first call on any development or restriction of the current regulations.

Abortion, like gay marriage has become one the most potent issues of our time. But in the end, any decisions about it should be decided by real hard evidence, and not emotion.

Jeremy Hunt said his belief was determined by what he read. But many people don’t believe him.


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