Music Star to Write Weight Loss Memoir

June 10th, 2011
Music Star to Write Weight Loss Memoir

The music star, Jennifer Hudson, has signed a deal with Dutton Publishers, an offshoot of Penguin to write her memoirs about her struggle with weight.

The well known singer and actress is known to have recently lost 80 pounds, but says she has always struggled with a weight problem.

She decided to write the book, which chronicles her life beginning with her childhood, to act as an inspiration for anyone else who is also struggling. Included in the book will be tips she herself has found useful in trying to lose weight, and more importantly keep it off.

Talking of which, choosing the right diet plan has never been easy, even for stars like Jennifer Hudson. However the weight loss business, Weight Watchers International Corporation was recently voted the best plan ever.

A panel of 22 experts in the US were asked to rate various weight loss programs – 20 different ones in all, over a 6 month period. They concluded that Weight Watchers was far and away the best out of the different methods, based on 7 categories. The latter included short-term weight reduction, long-term weight loss, ease of submission, nutritional completeness, health risks and the ability to prevent or manage diabetes and / or heart disease.

The results of this in depth study will please the owners of the weight loss business as it only confirms what other research has found, namely Weight Watchers plans work more effectively than anything else.

From small beginning, Weight Watchers is now a well known international organisation. Its business interests go beyond just offering advice and help. The company produces a variety of products and publications.


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