New exhibit to help get the message across

March 4th, 2011
New exhibit to help get the message across

There is now a new exhibit at the Children’s Hospital in Wheeling, Ohio, USA. It’s been erected to help get the message across to all children for the need to look after their dental health.

Called Mouth Power, the exhibit is aimed at children aged 5 to 8, and features a mascot called unsurprisingly ‘Mouthie’, who takes children by the hand (metaphorically), and shows them why they need to brush and floss their teeth.

Children also learn about the dangers of tobacco smoking as well as being able to explore the exhibit itself – the mouth and teeth.

The museum was given a grant by the Ohio Dental Association which has allowed free access for young children living the Belmont County area. They must however be part of a school field trip.

Meanwhile there is also another exhibition taking place this weekend at the Dentistry Show in the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre.

Organised by Canon Hygiene, the company aims to demonstrate a number of dental waste disposal products.

Announcing the exhibition a spokesperson for Cannon Hygiene said: “Cannon can be relied upon to ensure that dental waste disposal complies with the very latest legal requirements and government guidance.”

The company formed a partnership in 2010 with Genesis Biosciences with the specific aim of using a germicide called Activap in Cannon’s female-based hygiene units. The germicide which is a product of Genesis Biosciences has been found to get rid of almost all potentially harmful bacteria.

The Dentistry Show will also have other exhibits covering a wide range of dentistry applications, including amalgam X-Ray and clinical and sharps waste disposal services.

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