US Democratic Party in Turmoil Over Anti Abortion Candidate

March 21st, 2012
US Democratic Party in Turmoil Over Anti Abortion Candidate

The Democratic Party was recently thrown into turmoil in the US State of Oklahoma. It appears that a candidate for the federal elections later this year has been told he will not get any delegates when the national convention meets.

The reason? The party hierarchy says that the individual is not a bona fide member of the Democratic Party. Instead, Mr. Randall Terry is alleged to be a lifelong Republican supporter.

If true, this would also account for his anti-abortion stance, which the Democratic Party is vehemently opposed to.

The political organisation says that Mr. Terry didn’t get his papers in on time, but a letter sent to the national party by another competitor seems to suggest that Mr Terry was using the Democratic Party in order to air his anti abortion views, which broadcasters wouldn’t have ordinarily allowed.

Mr. Terry, however, issued an angry statement after being told of his fate. It read: “I am disappointed, but it does not come as a shock to me. This action is ‘political insider trading;’ stealing in broad daylight. It shows the power and the corruption of the (Democratic) Party.”

Mr. Terry added: “Nevertheless, a substantial number of Democratic voters responded to my message that Obama promotes murder by abortion, and is at war with the Church. They sent the President a message, which he heard.”

With the run up to the November presidential and federal elections, abortion is perceived as a subject which will become even more of a hot topic. Along with Obama’s health care reforms, the presidential race could be one of the most hotly contested for a long time.

Anti-abortion activists in Britain over the last few months have taken a leaf out of the campaigns of the Republican Party and others in their attempts to get the issue on the top table.

One group recently targeted a clinic with the intention of forcing people to reject getting an abortion. While some have said prayers others have apparently abused visitors to the clinic.

Abortion under strict regulations has been legal since the 1960s in Britain, and while it hasn’t generally been high on the agenda for most people, anti-abortion activists do surface every now and again. The anti—abortion movement in the USA seems to have spurred those holding similar views into action.


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