Abortion debate rears its head in Turkey-3368

September 7th, 2012
Abortion debate rears its head in Turkey-3368

Abortion is a topic that can cause highly charged emotional debates between those in favour and those against.

In the UK, there have been occasions when people opposed to the idea of abortion have challenged the conventional wisdom as well as the Abortion Act, which was passed during the 1960s and updated over the following years.

Similarly, the USA has for decades been embroiled in this dispute with both sides trying different tactics to win their arguments.

However, while the USA may be the main country that gives arise to emotional outbursts from all concerned, it is still a topic that rears its head in other nations from time to time; the latest being Turkey.

Turkey, while a secular society, does have a strong Christian influence, as well as being generally considered a Muslim nation.

Until recently, the debate about abortion was very low key. That changed when a woman who had been raped requested to have an abortion. However, she was past the 10-week legal limit after which abortion is not allowed.

The woman claimed that her attacker also blackmailed her for months, which in turn added to her stress. Therefore, she never reported the rape to the authorities.

The woman reportedly killed the rapist.

Commenting on this case, a Turkish writer said that the story projects a harsh light on the many ordeals women face in strictly patriarchal cultures where “honour” is far more important than equality, freedom, happiness or love.”

He added that because she has passed the legal period of time for abortion, she may not be able to have a termination. He feels that it is important that the child is protected and loved and raised as a free individual.



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  1. Martina says:

    Iam pregnant 13 weeks. I wanna have an abortian. Iam from Croatia. So, to do that, where I can go in Sweden, which place is that where I can do it? How much will cost ?


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