Weight Loss Firms Pay Heavy Fines

January 10th, 2014
Weight Loss Firms Pay Heavy Fines

Weight loss is a multimillion pound industry these days, and is likely to get even bigger as obesity and the need to lose weight grows.

However many companies offering weight-loss programmes and products are beginning to get found out as being deceptive and dubious. Their claims are being examined more closely, and are paying a heavy price in form of legal fines.

Some companies are also being forced to hand back money to consumers following complaints of bogus claims.

One such company in the USA has been told to hand back $26 million after claiming that dieters would lose weight simply by sprinkling a particular product manufactured by the company on their food.

Moreover the product is sold via a number of well-known high street supermarkets so the market is potentially astronomical.

However the US Federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA) which has sweeping powers believes the company was using bogus marketing techniques. The organisation also said the supposed trials of the product were also false.

Speaking with reporters, a spokesperson for the FDA said that the chances of losing weight simply by sprinkling some strange, untested product on food is not just unlikely it is deceptive.

This particular company is not the only one to fall foul of FDA regulations. Another which effectively claims to clean the colon via weight-loss pills has also been told to stop marketing the product.

Most scientists involved in weight-loss programmes and obesity research believes the only real way of losing weight is to eat sensibly and exercise properly.

However as many people are looking for a quick fix these days, pills, potions and powders are a great marketing ploy for companies wanting to make money from receptive but gullible individuals.


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