Larger portions

Walking around a supermarket can literally be a feast for the eyes as there is so much choice. There is so much food on display which makes it very easy to buy more than we need. And, this is even more of a problem if you visit the supermarket when hungry as you are likely to buy more than you need and of the wrong kinds of food as well.

Portion sizes have increased as well. We have become familiar with ‘supersize’ portions which are often double or even triple the normal size. And we have grown used to these larger amounts, often without realising.

The problem with this is that our food consumption has increased but this is not matched by our activity levels. We have as a society become more sedentary over the years but we are eating larger portions of food than before.

Energy consumption is outstripping energy expenditure.

Plus we eat more if given a larger portion to eat. We may leave some of it on the plate but the chances are we will try and finish it. What happens then is that our bodies become used to the larger portion and adjust accordingly.

But, these larger portions mean extra calories, and unless they are burnt off via exercise then extra weight will be gained.

So, how do we deal with this?

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