Maintaining a healthy weight

This can be the tricky bit, staying at a healthy weight, especially if you have worked hard to get to that weight.

One way of doing so is to increase your calorie intake gradually over time. The reason for this is that it is very, very difficult to stay with your diet calorie intake.

So, increase your calorie intake, say around 250 calories for the first week. Weigh yourself and ten add another 250 calories.

So if you started with 1,250 calories whilst dieting you should now be at 1,750 calories.

After a week do the same again. You should now be at 2,000 calories a day.

After 4 weeks, check your weight. If it has stabilised then that is your ideal healthy weight. You know how what your daily calorie intake is to maintain that weight. If you notice that you have gained a bit of weight then reduce your calorie intake by about 100 calories or so and weigh yourself again.

Basically, you need to do a bit of tweaking with your calorie intake until your weight is at the correct level for you.

Then weigh yourself on a weekly basis until you are absolutely sure that you are maintaining a healthy weight.

Make sure that when you increase your calorie intake in this way that you do it by increasing your portion sizes and not by adding ‘unhealthy’ foods such as crisps or chocolate.

A healthy diet and regular exercise will increase the chances of you living a long and healthy life.

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