Living with diabetes

When you first learn that you have diabetes you may struggle to come terms with your condition and you may have lots of questions. However, it is important to remember that diabetes can be managed and you will be able to live a regular life if you abide by the advice of your care team.

Some people feel embarrasses about telling other people that they have diabetes but you should not feel ashamed or embarrassed about your condition. Be open with the people close to you and they can help you to control your illness and come to terms with your diagnosis. If at any point you want to talk to somebody without meeting them face to face you can contact Diabetes UK.

Coping with your condition

There is no cure for diabetes but it can be managed and you should be able to carry on with a normal existence if you keep on top of your treatment and follow advice when it comes to diet and exercise. If you have concerns about work or other aspects of your life you can talk to your care team.


You should not be discriminated against at work and if you feel that this is the case you must talk to your employer. It is important that you adapt your work life to suit your needs; for example, you will need to watch your blood sugar levels closely and eat at set intervals to make sure that your blood glucose level remains stable. It is best to be open with people at work, as this will help you to feel more comfortable and relaxed around your colleagues.


Diabetes is not a barrier to travel and many diabetics travel extensively. You can go wherever you want without your condition being a problem, as long as you stick to your normal regime and follow your doctor’s advice. The key to a successful holiday is to plan ahead and always make sure that you have valid travel insurance, which covers the cost of medical care in the event that you need assistance.

Sex and relationships

Diabetes should not affect your personal relationships but the condition does contribute to problems that could affect your intimate relationships. You may find these issues embarrassing to talk about, but you should not be afraid to talk to your partner or doctor as they can offer advice and arrange treatments. If you want advice but you don’t want to talk to somebody face to face, you can contact Diabetes UK or use their forums to talk to other people with diabetes who may have a good idea of what you are going through.


It may not be as straightforward to take out insurance if you have diabetes, but if you are having problems there is help available.

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