Addison's Disease

Cushing's Syndrome


Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1


disorders of the adrenal glands

this article provides a guide to the function of the adrenal glands and some of the disorders which relate to them.

hirsutism (excess body hair)

this article has been prepared to help you understand how hair disorders can affect you, what tests are used, and what treatment is available. it outlines the advantages and disadvantages of different treatments.

hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid)

an overactive thyroid gland can lead to ill health. this article details the symptoms and treatment of the disorder.

hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid)

an underactive thyroid gland may go undetected but tiredness and muscle cramps are often reported. this article looks at how the condition is treated.

male menopause

there is controversy over whether male menopause exists. this article examines the evidence for testosterone replacement therapy and when it may be required.

ovarian cysts

ovarian cysts are a common condition. this article outlines possible symptoms,investigations needed and treatment strategies.


this article looks at some of the health conditions associated with high levels of prolactin and what can be done to help.

thyroid lumps and nodules

this article outlines the role of the thyroid gland and explains how different lumps and swellings (goitre) in the gland are investigated. there is also information about thyroid surgery.

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