Brand name: Floxapen

Use: Antibiotic

Flucloxacillin is a narrow spectrum antibiotic used to treat infections caused by beta-lactamase-producing staphylococci. Unlike benzylpenicllin, it is effective in treating infections caused by penicillinase-resistant staphylococci.

It is most often used to treat otitis externa, impetigo, cellulitis, and osteomyelitis. Flucloxacillin is also indicated in the treatment of staphylococcal endocarditis.


Typically 250-500mg 4 times a day.

Flucloxacillin is well absorbed from the gut and should be taken at least 30 mins before food (unlike most other antibiotics).


- allergy to penicillins
- kidney impairment
- liver impairment

Side effects:

Occasional: stomach upset.

Rarely: hypersensitivity reaction, skin rash, joint pains, nervous system and blood disorders. Flucloxacillin may also cause cholestatic jaundice and hepatitis up to several weeks after treatment has been stopped.

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