Drug: Sumatriptan

Brand name: Imigran

Use: Acute migraine relief

Sumatriptan is a 5HT1 agonist (serotonin agonist) used for the treatment of acute migraine attacks and cluster headache.


50 mg orally as soon as possible after the onset of migraine.

Migraine relief should occur within 30 mins of taking Imigran. A second dose should not be taken for the same attack.


- heart disease
- liver impairment
- pregnancy & breast-feeding
- history of seizures
- kidney impairment


- ischaemic heart disease
- previous heart attack
- uncontrolled high blood pressure
- concurrent ergotamine use

Side Effects:

Tingling, heat or tightness, drowsiness, flushing, dizziness, fatigue, visual disturbance, nausea & vomiting.


Ergotamine preparations should be avoided (can cause vasospasm). Antidepressants (MAOIs, SSRIs) and lithium have increased risk of toxicity with Imigran.

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