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this section covers disorders of the nervous system, from mild problems such as tension headache to more serious disorders such as parkinson's disease.


chronic fatigue syndrome

this article provides a thorough overview of theories surrounding cfs and what treatments may be beneficial.

epilim (sodium valproate)

this is a medication used to control epilepsy. this article profiles the drug, possible side effects, and recommendations for how it should be taken.

hydrocephalus in childhood

a detailed article explaining this condition and how it is treated.

migraine headache

a migraine can temporarily disable a person. this article gives a fresh look at an age-old problem.

mild head injury (concussion)

recovery from concussion can take longer than expected. this article discusses the symptoms of ongoing problems and what can be done to help.

rehabilitation after head injury

recovery after a major head injury can be a painstaking process, taking many months. this article looks at some of the common problems encountered and what help is needed.

severe head injury

having a friend or family member suffering a severe head injury is a traumatic experience. this article explains the treatment and issues involved in the care of these patients.

tegretol (carbamazepine)

tegretol is a medication used to treat epilepsy, bipolar disorder and certain pain syndromes. this article provides a thorough overview of the medication, its side effects, and how it should be used.

tension headache

tension headaches are a common problem and can be brought on by stress. this article looks at how to ease the pain.

A-Z of Neurological Disorders

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