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lack of menstrual periods can be a symptom of an underlying problem. this article looks at some of the causes and what treatment is available.


pregnant women over 35 should consider whether to have an amniocentesis to test for foetal abnormalities. this article details the procedure, the risks and benefits.

breast pain

breast pain (mastalgia) affects most women at some point in their life. this article covers the symptoms and causes of breast pain.

cervical smears

cervical screening is one the best preventive health tools for women. regular cervical smears can achieve early detection and treatment of gynaecological problems.

ectopic pregnancy

this is a potentially life-threatening condition of early pregnancy and all women should be aware of the symptoms. modern treatment aims to preserve future fertility.


this is a painful condition characterised by an abnormality in the growth of the lining of the uterus. this article provides an overview of the treatment options.

heart disease prevention in women


heavy periods (menorrhagia)

heavy periods are a common problem and can effect your quality of life. however, help is available. this article looks at what treatments can help.


this drug is used to treat advanced breast cancer in women that are her2 receptor positive. this article profiles the drug and how it works.

hirsutism (excess body hair)

this article has been prepared to help you understand how hair disorders can affect you, what tests are used, and what treatment is available. it outlines the advantages and disadvantages of different treatments.

hormone replacement therapy

whether to take hrt is a difficult decision for many women. this article examines some of the controversies surrounding the issue.


a hysterectomy is an operation to remove a woman's uterus. this article looks at the procedure, when surgery may be necessary and possible complications.


mammograms are the most effective method of detecting breast cancer in its early stages. this article discusses when they are recommended.


menopause can produce difficult symptoms in some women. this article looks at some of the problems and solutions.

menstrual irregularities

menstrual period problems are usually a sign of a larger condition or problem. this article looks at the different types of menstrual irregularity.


osteoporosis is a common problem for women following menopause, but it can also affect men. this article discusses the symptoms and treatment of the condition.

ovarian cysts

ovarian cysts are a common condition. this article outlines possible symptoms,investigations needed and treatment strategies.

painful periods (dysmenorrhoea)

painful periods are common in young women but there are treatments available to ease cramps. this article looks at the cause of the condition and what can be done to help.

pelvic floor muscles

this article provides a practical outline of useful exercises to help prevent common problems (e.g. stress incontinence).

polycystic ovarian syndrome

polycystic ovarian syndrome is a leading cause of infertility. this article looks at the symptoms and treatment of the condition.

premenstrual syndrome (pms)

pms is a common problem, affecting some women more than others. this article provides an overview of the condition, common symptoms and what treatments may be helpful.

ru486 (mifepristone)

often referred to as "the abortion pill", this drug is used for the non-surgical termination of pregnancy of up to 24 weeks gestation. this article looks at how it works and some precautions.

sexual pain (dyspareunia)

pain during sexual intercourse can be caused by many underlying conditions. this article looks at some of these, and suggestions for treating the problem.

this drug is used in the treatment of breast cancer and endometrial cancer, but it can have significant side effects. this article profiles these and how the medicine works.

thin prep cervical smear tests

the new thin prep pap smear test uses the latest technology to test for pre-cancerous changes on the cervix. this article looks at the advantages over the traditional screening method.


this is a fairly uncommon sexually transmitted disease which is linked to other stds. this article looks at the symptoms and treatment of the infection.

uterine fibroids

this article outlines the symptoms , possible complications and treatment options for these common benign uterine growths

vaginal prolapse

many women suffer in silence with this distressing condition, although effective measures and possibly surgery may be very helpful.


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