Cancer Treatment Abroad

Cancer can be one of the most dramatic and life threatening diseases today with over 200 different types and many serious decisions for patients to make, especially when considering travelling abroad for treatment. There are a variety of treatment types available for cancer; most patients may want to consider looking for quality rather than cheaper treatments.

Research beforehand is essential for such a serious disease. Patients must consider travel insurance, flight times, the time required to stay in a certain country for treatment and patients may also benefit from researching specialist countries for their selected treatment. Patients should try and gather all the important information they can from their provider as well as ensuring their chosen provider is reputable. There are many centres in the UK that are linked with clinics abroad for an easier consultation and planning process, or patients can ask their doctor for information.

Doctors in the UK have admitted that some private clinics abroad do have better clinics and some do contain more up to date technology for treatment. The recovery will depend entirely on the clinic and treatment, the advancement of the disease and how early it has been detected.

For treatment abroad most doctors will recommend finding a provider in Europe. Germany, Spain, France and Eastern Europe all specialise in cancer treatment and are also relatively close to the UK for shorter flights as time is a main concern when dealing with cancer. Flights to destinations such as India which still have the facilities and qualified doctors will take longer and also cost more.

Common treatments for cancer are radiotherapy and chemotherapy although some treatments may include surgery. Alternative treatments, such as the use of medication, are also available. Prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, bowel cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer and lip cancer are all treatable abroad.

Top Countries


Germany has a long tradition of cancer clinics and hospitality. Treatments in other countries have been cited to have originated in Germany, which has an exceptionally affordable price that doesn’t impede the quality of the treatment received. Germany has been regarded as one of the top countries for providing cancer treatment due to its revolutionary procedures, alternative treatments and gold mine of resources.

Treatments that are not permitted in other countries are available in Germany, provided by highly trained specialists who consider all kinds of treatment and alternative routes. For anyone opting for cancer treatment abroad Germany is one of the top countries to consider as its success rate is covered widely by the media through articles, blogs and news stories online.


Survival rates in France for cancer are higher than the UK due to new medicine available that can’t be found in the UK. France tends to spend more of its money on healthcare than the UK and does not ration expensive treatments. There are no worries of delaying treatment as France has more radiotherapy machines, a greater number of linear accelerators and faster access to more doctors. Although not avid in providing alternative treatments to cancer patients who have been unsuccessful in the past like Germany, France has the highest success rate in Europe.


Spain specialises in an alternative form of cancer treatment which improves the cells in the body but also offer other treatments. Spain represents an insight into alternative treatments by guiding patients closely through their treatment for all types of cancer and continue to support patients even after their treatment.

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