Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a newly competing country with a wealth of highly trained doctors at hand at reasonably low prices. It is recognised as one of the top countries in medical tourism with its state of the art clinics, beautiful climate and caring staff to hand. Costa Rica is considered to bring the best treatment out of all of Latin America.

Popular Procedures

  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Alternative medicine
  • Medical spas

Costa Rica specialises in cosmetic surgery. All surgeons can have their credentials checked before any kind of surgery and will more than likely deal with any queries a patient has beforehand. Surgeons are trained in the latest techniques and are required to keep their training up to date. The country also boasts advanced technology and procedures, all under the supervision of trained doctors and surgeons.

15% of all tourist travelling to Costa Rica arrive for medical treatment. Accommodations are relatively cheap, as are treatment prices, and patients are advised to spend around 10 days in Costa Rica to allow for recovery times. Costa Rica also offers aftercare during a patients stay.

However, if a patient encounters any problems at home after a procedure then it may be difficult to travel back to Costa Rica to have the problem rectified. In this case, flight times, flight expenses and flight distances may become a problem. Patients are urged to investigate their treatments and providers before considering treatment.

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