For many years Egypt has been a hotspot for tourism for its climate and ancient wonders. Due to this Egypt has become a new destination for medical tourism as a affordable destination and a naturally therapeutic climate for patients. Clinics and staff in Egypt are on-par with those in the UK at a cheaper price with a shorter, if not non-existent, waiting line.

Popular Treatments

  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Medical spa treatment
  • Dentistry
  • Cosmetic dentistry

There are numerous medical packages available for patients who consider travelling to Egypt for treatment which includes accommodations, consultations, treatment and aftercare. Most doctors and surgeons in Egypt receive their credentials aboard in such places like the UK, Latin America or the US.

Egypt’s popularity in the medical tourism industry comes from its therapeutic aftercare and use of natural resources. Egypt takes advantage of its natural spring water and relaxing hot climate when dealing with patients from abroad, using natural remedies when manufactured drugs aren’t necessary.

Extended stays in Egypt tend to be low in cost. Patients who opt for complex procedures or treatments that require a longer recovery time have the option of staying in Egypt a few weeks more at affordable prices, with enough money left over to speed up their recovery in world class saunas, spas and other relaxing facilities Egypt has to offer.

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