Well known as the hub of culture and peace of mind, Greece is also a popular destination for medical tourists who would rather have their treatment done as soon as possible instead of waiting in lines and paying expensive prices. Crete and Athens are the leaders of medical tourism for the country with experienced doctors and facilities that also offer treatment long term and chronic diseases.

Popular Treatments

  • Medical spa treatments
  • Dental treatment
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Chronic disease treatment

Complex treatments have yet to be added to Greece’s list of treatments. Patients can be assured, however, that most surgeons in Greece have trained internationally in some of the most renowned Universities. Greece’s state of the art technology, appealing price lists and up to date modern facilities have put them in the list of some of the top contenders for medical tourism.

Greece is also looking to develop its medical industry, which has already been a success with Crete, one of Greece’s small island. By investing more in private hospitals and new technology Greece’s reputation as a medical tourist destination is growing faster than ever, giving patients the opportunity to save up to 40% on their treatment.

Flights to Greece are short, as are waiting lists for treatment. Due to this more and more British patients are travelling to Greece for their treatment as they don’t have to worry about long flights back home during recovery and can still experience the best of Greece in their trip.

While receiving any kind of treatment in Greece patients may benefit from taking a relaxing break or the savouring Greek medical spa treatment while they recover.

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