Italy is not the cheapest destination for medical tourism. It is, however, ranked seconded in the world by the World Health Organisation, following closely behind France. It is a major destination for cosmetic surgery and hair transplant treatments but also offers a wider variety of medical treatments. All hospitals in the country offer a long list of treatments but most people may wish to travel to the main cities for better healthcare and more options.

Popular Treatments

  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Hair transplant treatment
  • Cancer treatment
  • Cosmetic dentistry

For those who can afford a private hospital in Italy they will find that accommodations are akin to a 5-star hotel. If patients cannot find the treatment available in one part of Italy they can be referred to a different hospital for their treatment.

As always, patients should check their doctor’s credentials before opting for any kind of treatment. Doctors in Italy are required to train for 6 years or 3 years more if they wish to specialise in any field. Most patients travelling to Italy for their treatment will be required to find a private hospital as recent laws have banned private specialists from performing surgery or operations in state owned hospitals.

If patients want a certain treatment and do not wish to be put on a waiting list they may be expected to pay the full cost, including accommodations. This can be off putting for patients who only wish to travel abroad for cheap treatment, but Italy’s ranking the World Health Organisation and its vast diversity of culture could make it a chance to combine some of the finest specialist treatment with a trip into the capital of fashion culture.

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