Bizarre Cosmetic Surgery and the Coloured Nose-3281

November 16th, 2012
Bizarre Cosmetic Surgery and the Coloured Nose-3281

In what can only be described as one of the most bizarre cosmetic surgery stories a man has been awarded compensation of £26,000.

The individual apparently underwent surgery on his nose only for the operation to leave it a different colour.

He decided to get a nose job after years of playing rugby left his nose in a rather sad state, but he didn’t expect to come out looking so different.

While on the surface this is something that could create mirth, in reality it was no laughing matter for Carl Egonu. He now fears he is scarred for life.

The operation was supposed to give Carl a more ‘streamlined’ nose, but instead the nose was raised, shiny and darker than his surrounding skin.

Carl decided to sue the plastic surgeon who suggested he have what is called a dermabrasion. The latter is supposedly less invasive than a rhinoplasty.

In his defence, though, the surgeon said he did give his patient what he deemed as a ‘strengthened warning’ saying that like all operations there are downsides. Carl Egonu, however, countered saying that the surgeon reassured him that scarring would not occur.

Unfortunately, scarring did occur which the judge in the case described as “a significant cosmetic defect which he will have to bear for the rest of his life.”

Although the court did not criticise the surgeons skills, it did criticise the way Mr. Egonu’s case was handled. The judge and prosecuting lawyers believed the doctor did not sufficiently warn the patient of the potential risks.

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