British scientists to test drug to target blood clots linked to Covid-19

June 16th, 2020
British scientists to test drug to target blood clots linked to Covid-19

British scientists are testing an experimental drug to target blood clots linked to Covid-19.
The trial has been funded by the British Heart Foundation and is designed to provide more information about the relationship between potentially life-threatening blood clots and hormone imbalances. A third of patients who receive hospital treatment for Covid-19 develop blood clots, and scientists are keen to see whether the drug, known as TRV027, can make a positive difference.
TRV027 is one of several drugs currently being trialled to treat patients with severe symptoms associated with Coronavirus. The drug works to rebalance hormones, which play a role in regulating blood pressure, water and salt levels. Scientists from Imperial College, London believe that when the virus enters the body, it uses enzymes to access the cells, treating the enzymes as a form of ‘handle.’ As a result, the enzyme is disabled, and this has a knock-effect on hormone balance, which can cause blood clots to form. The hope is that using TRV027 will help to rebalance the hormones, thus reducing the risk of blood clot development.
Dr David Owen, one of the study leads, explained that many of the drug trials that are underway at the moment focus on the inflammatory response to Covid-19. The hormone imbalance is a “distinct” problem, which could provide vital information about why some people become much more poorly with the virus than others. The role of blood clots could also explain why people who have cardiovascular issues are more susceptible to severe symptoms.
Dr Kat Pollock, joint lead, suggested that the drug could be used alongside other medications to combat Covid-19, due to the fact that the virus is complex, and it causes diverse symptoms.
As part of the trial, which begins in July, 60 patients will be given the TRV027 drug or a placebo.

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