Fertility ruling raises questions in Canada-7321

December 22nd, 2010
Fertility ruling raises questions in Canada-7321

A ruling by the Supreme Court has raised questions over the future of fertility treatment in Canada.

Judges ruled that provinces will now have the power to regulate and control fertility treatment; however, the ruling has lead to confusion amongst patients, fertility doctors and members of federal government.

Patients are worried that the ruling did not go far enough, as federal government still has a role in prohibiting payments to surrogate mothers and egg and sperm donors. Patient advocates are now worried about the future of surrogacy and egg and sperm donation and feel that the ruling may increase black market activity in this area.

Fertility doctors are pleased that power has been passed onto provincial authorities as it gives provincial medical bodies more control; however, they are worried about the potential void in regulations and policies.

Fertility treatment is a complex ethical issue, which often provokes fiery debate amongst medical professionals, members of the public and political figures. The latest ruling will undoubtedly fuel further debate on the subject of fertility treatment across Canada.

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