Health Insurance For Early Retirees In The US Under Threat-4399

November 5th, 2012
Health Insurance For Early Retirees In The US Under Threat-4399

A report suggests that if the Obama Care Bill is repealed if Mitt Romney becomes president, one of the groups most likely to be seriously affected will be early retirees. These are individuals who want to take early retirement but retain the health care provisions their employers gave them.

The Employee Benefit Research Institute recently looked at how health insurance provision was affecting those who take early retirement. It found that in 2010 only 17.7% of those who took early retirement worked for a private company that offered its employees health insurance cover. This apparently is a significant drop from the 1997 level of 29%. Similarly, those businesses enrolled on the US Medicare scheme also dropped by about one-third to just 15.9%

Moreover, it appears those businesses that still offer the health insurance perk have indicated they intend increasing premiums significantly. Costs apparently have increased tremendously since the Obama Care Bill was passed.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to give its official name, which was passed by the federal government in face of fierce opposition by Republican politicians, enables people (including retirees) to buy health insurance directly from health insurance exchanges.

However there are fears that if Barak Obama loses the election, the Act’s future which has helped millions of Americans afford health care will be in doubt. Further, it is believed that the very existence of these health exchanges are creating doubts in the minds of employers as to whether they should get involved in offering health care provision to their employees.

In short, whatever the outcome of the presidential election, young retirees seem to at a potential disadvantage forcing most to re-consider their position.


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