Is Surrogacy Going Too Far?-3687

March 31st, 2011
Is Surrogacy Going Too Far?-3687

Surrogacy is a growing phenomenon for many couples who are unable to conceive. However, recently a grandmother gave birth to her own grandson by acting as a surrogate for her daughter.

It seems the lady in question decided to help out her daughter and son in law to become first time parents, as the couple were infertile.

The 61 year old last gave birth 30 years ago, and was already well past the menopause, when she agreed to act as a surrogate mother.

This raises a lot of issues, not least whether giving birth to your own grandchild is really what parents should be doing. Some opposed to this will probably argue that the lady’s age is also a problem.

On the other hand, many people will probably feel that this particular woman was only doing what many loving parents would want to do to help their children.

What about the husband? It seems he only agreed to go along with it if the “science was there.” He told local reporters: “I didn’t want us to subject ourselves to another very risky, possibly devastating, scenario.”

“Infertility is one thing, but putting your mother-in-law in danger kicks it up to another level altogether.”

While many opposed to this kind of thing will no doubt be shocked, the reality is that the couple are in fact the biological parents of the child.

With developments in infertility treatment rapidly increasing, this particular case is not likely to be the last. Age, it seems is no longer a barrier.

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