It’s Now Fun To Have Your Teeth Pulled-2644

July 1st, 2011
It’s Now Fun To Have Your Teeth Pulled-2644

Well, that’s according to a paediatric dentist in the United States. Jonathan Shenkin told reporters that he has created a friendlier atmosphere in his dental practice which he believes puts children at their ease.

He told local reporters: “We create an environment that is friendly and hospitable to kids and not as clinical.”

According to dental health experts in the US, tooth decay among children is a massive problem, but trying to get them to relax while dental surgery takes place can be a problem, particularly for younger children. Consequently, dentists such as Dr. Shenkin firmly believe surgeons need to offer a service that puts both them and their parents at ease.

A report recently published by the Pew Centre said: “[Children] who don’t receive dental care miss a significant number of school days, use expensive emergency room services more often and face worsened job prospects as adults, compared with their peers who do receive care.”

In the US, dentists don’t just learn dentistry they must also take a course in child psychology. This, according to Dr. Shenkin has helped in the design of his practice, as has his own childhood experience, which wasn’t positive it seems. He said: “It didn’t go well. There was a lot of kicking and screaming on my part.”

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