Paramedics will be able to prescribe drugs under new laws-0500

April 3rd, 2018
Paramedics will be able to prescribe drugs under new laws-0500

Paramedics with advanced training will be able to prescribe drugs under new laws, which were introduced in England on Sunday 1st April.

Under new regulations, advanced paramedics will soon be able to provide prescription medications to patients who require assistance without needing to go to hospital. Up to 70 percent of patients who are seen by ambulance staff do not need hospital treatment.

Previously, paramedics had limited authority when it came to prescribing medications, but new legislation introduced in England will enable them to provide drugs immediately without the patient needing to see their GP.

Chief executive of the Patients Association, Rachel Power, described the move as “good news” and said that it would make it easier for patients to receive treatment in their own homes at the same time as eliminating unnecessary hospital trips and preventing patients from needing to see more than one medical professional. The new law will also ensure that patients can be treated swiftly.

It is hoped that around 700 paramedics, who will be based at both GP centres and emergency departments, will be trained to enable them to offer prescriptions to patients.

Advanced paramedic, Gemma Walsh, said that the news was a “fantastic development for our profession” and suggested that it would alleviate pressure on both GPs and urgent care doctors. Paramedics are already trained to take a full medical history and assess symptoms rapidly, and this move will enable professionals to complete the service, which will undoubtedly benefit patients.

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