Fertility tips for men

Men too can improve their fertility. This includes wearing loose fitting underwear and trousers rather than tight clothing as loose clothing helps to keep the testicles cool. Ideally the testicles should be 2 to 3 degrees cooler than the temperature of your body.

The cooler your sperm the better condition they will be in which is important for fertilisation.

Reducing your alcohol consumption can help as excessive alcohol intake decreases the amount and quality of your sperm. It can also affect the movement of the sperm which is a crucial factor in fertilisation.

This also applies if you smoke or use drugs such as cannabis or cocaine.

Other tips include eating healthily, taking regular exercise, and reducing stress levels, and taking care with over the counter or prescription medicines. Many types of medicines have side effects which can impact upon fertility so check with your GP first. Tell him or her you are planning on starting a family when he/she prescribes any medication.

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