Environmental issues (exposure to toxins etc) - Causes of Male Infertility

These refer to potential hazards at work, in the home and during leisure.

If you work with hazardous chemicals such as pesticides, solvents and fuels then consider that these have been linked to fertility issues so discuss this further with your employer. If you are bothered by this then see if your employer will allow you to change jobs or move to another department whilst undergoing fertility tests.

If this is not possible then ensure that you follow guidelines prescribed by your health and safety department, wear protective clothing if necessary and shower afterwards to remove any potentially damaging chemicals.

Other factors which can affect your fertility include a lack of activity and overheated environments. If you are inactive at work and tend to sit down for long periods of time then what happens is that your core temperature rises which overheats the testes and so reduces sperm count.

If you have a job which requires you to sit down for long periods of time then try to take short breaks. And wear loose fitting underwear such as boxer shorts which allows the testes to remain cool and the sperm healthy.

Another work related aspect is if your job requires you to do any heavy lifting or carrying. There is a risk of injuring your back or an abdominal strain (hernia) which may affect your fertility. If you do have to lift anything then take extra care whilst doing so or see if you can change duties in the meantime.

This equally applies to any manual work you may do around the home.

As regards leisure: certain sports especially contact sports such as rugby have a high risk of injury, for example to the groin area. Other equally risky sports include heavy weightlifting and endurance cycling. It may be a good idea to ease off on these or change to something less rigorous whilst trying to conceive.

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