Miscarriage myths

As with any medical condition or event, there are many myths that can come into one’s mind when it comes to a miscarriage. Such myths may also seem a favourable choice for parents who have lost a child and who are looking for a reason for why such an event might have occurred. Many people assume that miscarriages can be attributed to factors such as stress; however there is very little evidence to support this. The vast majority of miscarriages are caused by chromosome disorders in the first trimester though there is little understanding of why this can be so random, and also underlying long-term health conditions affecting the mother in the second trimester.

There is also very little evidence to support the following common misconceptions when it comes to miscarriage:

  • Having a shock during pregnancy will not bring on a miscarriage
  • The mother’s emotional health will not affect the foetus; however, it is a good idea to try and relax and avoid stressful situations during pregnancy for the expectant mother’s peace of mind
  • Exercise will not cause a miscarriage; in fact it is beneficial for pregnant women to do gentle exercise. It is not advisable to do demanding physical activities and it is therefore advised that you discuss suitable exercises and activities with your midwife or doctor.
  • Having sex during pregnancy will not cause miscarriage or harm the baby, which is mainly a myth held amongst males
  • Lifting will not cause a miscarriage but it is not advisable for pregnant women to lift heavy items on a regular basis
  • Working will not cause miscarriage; many women manage to work until just a few weeks before their due date and this can help to make the pregnancy more bearable in some cases
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