Mother, Baby and Beyond

Congratulations! If by now you have had your baby then you must be thrilled with your new arrival. However, this is a time when many parents become daunted about how best to look after their baby. As your baby develops you are likely to have many questions regarding factors such as your baby’s sleeping patterns, what to feed your baby and other common after-birth issues, as well as common factors as they move into being children such as potty training and behavioural problems.

Many parents struggle with crying babies and babies who won’t get to sleep. In such instances you may find our section on sleeping to be of help in soothing your baby back to sleep by way of our handy tips. If you are planning a ‘baby moon’ and want to go on holiday with your baby then our section on travelling with a newborn baby will be of utmost use, as will our details related to travelling with children. If sibling rivalry is getting you down and you just don’t know what to do then make the most of our section on sibling bonding to get your children in order.

Your guide to a happy family

There is no doubt that when your baby arrives there comes a whole host of new experiences and difficulties, whether it be to do with breastfeeding or bottle feeding, sex after childbirth or losing baby weight. The information in this guide aims to address all your concerns and answer any questions you may have about you as a mother and your baby as he/she develops into a child. This section also includes details on a father’s role in bringing up a baby, as well as many common baby predicaments parents are likely to face.


You may feel upset with the lack of support you are getting, or you may be feeling the pressure of having a baby, going on child, on your relationship. Perhaps your partner is feeling left out after the birth and needs to talk things through with you. Whatever the problem is there is always a solution, and this guide will help you establish solutions as your child grows into their own and give you more information on you and your developing offspring.

This guide to Mother, baby and beyond is split into the following categories:

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