Caring for your newborn

All types of emotions flood a mother-to-be’s mind during pregnancy and there are often conflicting thoughts about what it will be like to care for a newborn, how to do it right, and how far to allow the intervention of others. Some expectant mothers may have been through the process before with their first child, and are comfortable with what to do. Others may feel fiercely protective over the birth and handling of their first newborn.

Having information on what to expect and what to do in certain situations helps calm the emotions and prepare the mind for what is to come: the birth and caring of the newborn. The following page sections are designed to give you an insight into what to expect when your newborn arrives into the world and how to care for them accordingly.

Newborns and dummies

Some babies never need to use a pacifier, such as a dummy, because they are content with the level of affection and closeness they feel. Others need to suck something, like a dummy, to feel comfortable and soothed. If a newborn is introduced to a dummy before breastfeeding and gets used to the texture and taste of the pacifier, it can cause confusion when trying to get the baby used to sucking a nipple.

Having a number of dummies on hand is useful so that spare ones can be sterilised and worn ones thrown away. It is important to sterilise dummies so that the newborn does not contract oral infections. Many parents use dummies to comfort and settle their babies; however, the use of a dummy is a controversial subject and many experts believe using a dummy can cause problems later in life. The articles below will outline some of the major ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of using a dummy and offer information and advice about weaning your child off a dummy and alternative methods to try and calm your baby.

Caring for your newborn:

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