Travelling with a Newborn Baby

Travelling with a child is something that is sure to come about at some stage, but for some this is earlier than with others. It is all down to discretion and personal opinion, but most people do not attempt to travel when their baby has just come home from the hospital, at the time when they need constant attention and you are exhausted. Obviously this is a time when mother, father and baby wish to use this time to create a bond and do not wish to have this interrupted with what can be a hectic activity at the best of times.

But from the age of about three months babies make good travelling partners, and will be easier to manage than a toddler. They are also more likely to find the trip less disruptive than they will later on. This guide is here to help you if you are considering taking a trip with your newborn baby in tow, from general tips about health and safety to advice about specific types of holiday.

Two important starting points when considering travelling with a newborn baby are the following:

Health Insurance

It is essential to make sure your whole family is covered by the right health insurance for your holiday, because medical care abroad can cost thousands. Also make sure you know the phone number for emergency services when you go abroad, and look up some health related questions in the correct language in case your baby develops any illnesses. If you are on a package holiday, your rep will be able to give you information about local doctors and pharmacies.

Sterilising Abroad

On most holidays, it is not practical to take your steriliser with you. If you are not sure what sterilisation facilities there are at your accommodation, you can buy liquid sterilisation kits, and microwave sterilisation kits which are more practical to take abroad.

Travelling with a Newborn Baby:

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