Trying again after a miscarriage

Miscarriage is a difficult process for all those involved and there will likely come a time when you feel you are ready to try for a baby again. For some, this will come sooner than with others; some may feel that they want to try for another baby as soon as possible while others may feel anxious about being pregnant again and the likelihood of another miscarriage. What is important if you do try for a baby again is that both partners are in agreement and are happy to go ahead.

Your GP will likely advise you to wait until you have had at least one period following the miscarriage before going ahead with trying for another baby. But this does not mean that you are more likely to have a miscarriage if you decide to try for a baby before your first period. This is merely a guideline. What is more important is as mentioned above that both partners are set on going ahead.

There are instances when you will be advised not to go ahead with trying for another baby such as if you have an infection or if you underwent an ectopic pregnancy, both of which are examined in greater detail within this guide to pregnancy and birth. You are likely to go on fine and have a completely healthy baby, but in some cases repeat miscarriages are experienced and this can be emotionally draining for couples. If you are definite on going ahead then it is advised that you visit the GP for some advice.

Recurring miscarriage

It is unlikely that you will have more than one miscarriage but this does happen for some couples. Consequently, there will likely come a time when you decide to go for treatment like fertility treatment such as IVF (this is explored in greater detail in our Infertility Guide). Reasons for recurrent miscarriage can include your age, genetic factors, embryo abnormalities, structure of the womb, a weak cervix, infections, and thyroid problems; the causes of recurring miscarriage are explored in greater detail within this guide.

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