Can hair loss ruin a celeb career?

December 2nd, 2010
Can hair loss ruin a celeb career?

The number of celebrity males seemingly undergoing the radical hair transplant treatment, would suggest that a career in the spotlight is dependent upon having a thick and healthy head of hair.

One of the most recent to have had this procedure carried out is the actor James Nesbitt, star of Cold Feet. Four years ago, James, and his receding hairline, were finding it more and more difficult to find work.

Now that he has a healthier head of hair, the roles seem to be flooding in, including a part in the upcoming blockbuster “The Hobbit”.

James is not the first to see a serious and expensive procedure like a hair transplant as the answer to a flagging career in the spotlight.

Cricketer Shame Warne and Dragon Duncan Bannatyne are two of the brave celebrities who have admitted in interviews that they have undergone the procedure, but they are far from the only guys to suddenly produce a full head of hair overnight.

Others who may have undergone the procedure might feel reluctant to admit it because there is a stigma attached to the man who refuses to age with dignity, instead trying every trick in the book to hold onto his youth.

Nesbitt has openly talked about how losing his hair affected his confidence and seemingly his ability to secure roles. Now he has undergone the hair transplant procedure, he claims he is more confident and much happier.

Hair transplants are an expensive procedure, costing around £5,000, and involve taking single strands of hair from areas of the head that are still covered in thick hair, and transplanting the strands to the bare patches. The hope is that these strands will regrow in their new home, and failures are rare according to the surgeons that carry out these procedures.

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