Can Losing Weight Lose Something Else?

March 3rd, 2011
Can Losing Weight Lose Something Else?

It seems so, if you are Kate Middleton. Due to be married on the 29th April to Prince William, it’s been reported that Kate is losing weight fast as a result of running around dealing with the planning for the wedding.

However, the future Queen to be, has also said she is worried that losing too much weight will also adversely affect her womanly curves.

A friend of Kate’s told a celebrity magazine: “Kate’s shed weight rushing around planning the wedding. But she’s worried that she’ll lose her curves completely, so she’s introducing a lot more carbs into her diet.”

“We’re not talking huge bowls of spaghetti, but certainly wholemeal toast, oatcakes, porridge and cereals.”

Apparently, in order to look her best for the event, as well as eating a healthy diet Kate Middleton has been exercising by jogging and cycling.

But Kate isn’t alone in this; Prince William himself has decided to ensure he looks his best. His Air force experience will certainly have helped him ensure he lives a healthy lifestyle, and he is known to exercise regularly by playing polo, water polo and basketball. He also trained in Belize with the Army as well as trekking in Chile.

Can Prince William and Kate act as role models for those looking to lose weight? Dieticians and others will most certainly hope so.

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