Gwen Stefani contradicted at Cannes

May 23rd, 2011
Gwen Stefani contradicted at Cannes

Gwen Stefani Contradicted At Cannes

Singing sensation Gwen Stefani was contradicted recently when she told reporters at the Cannes Film Festival that she would consider having cosmetic surgery. It appears the star, who hails from Orange County in California has already had work done on her nose.

The contradictory remarks were made on a website which stated that she had a nose job some years ago. The comment said: “[the singer had] a rather bulbous nose tip and a wider bridge than her current nose,” when she was a teenager.

Whether or not the 41 year old had forgotten about this isn’t known.

There have also been suggestions that Gwen had a boob job, but photos of the star suggest otherwise.

The Cannes Film Festival attracts some of the biggest celebrities in the film and music worlds, not to mention many others who go to try and make an impression or boost their careers. But cosmetic surgery has become something of a necessity for some, old and young alike as part of this ritual.

So which celebrities have and have not or don’t intend having cosmetic surgery?

According to Dr. John Di Saia who runs a clinic in San Clemente and Orange, actress Penelope Cruz’s “occasionally pouting lips suggest that her dermatologist sometimes wields a syringe with too much gusto,” although Ms Cruz herself has not confirmed or denied this.

Hollywood celebrities have for quite some time now been at the forefront of plastic surgery, which adds to the mystery of Tinsel Town’s reputation. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by older actresses either. For instance, Jane Fonda who for a long time spoke out against the practice gave in to the temptation, and had a facelift. She told reporters: “I just decided it was for me – I don’t want to have bags under my eyes that make me look tired.”

However, not all celebrities are happy. Chinese actress, Fan Bingbing recently sued one hospital in Beijing for using photos of her in advertisements. It seems they used them without her consent. What’s more she told reporters she had never undergone plastic surgery.

While celebrities undoubtedly influence people’s behaviour, (particular that of women), it seems now that the debate about the benefits or otherwise of going under the knife or having Botox treatment has now spread to those in the limelight.

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