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October 21st, 2016

Flick through an average copy of Cosmopolitan or the Daily Mail, and chances are you’ll hazard onto one or two high-handed, hyperbole-ridden articles on breast implants. Stories of people whose time under the knife makes them look like a Picasso painting will sit next to tales of surgical perfection, the kind of transformation so perfect that it should be accompanied by a soft lens from an old movie.

But these shrill articles with their polarised opinions do little to help you make an informed decision. It’s like having an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, both shouting unsubstantiated claims about boob jobs in your ear.

So let’s provide a little bit of balance, shall we?

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about breast implants to give you the facts you need to know – no-frills and without all the tabloid bluster. Take a look and see what you can learn.

  1. Can I try before I buy?

While you’ll already know whether you want a breast reduction or enlargement, chances are you’re not too sure exactly which cup size you’d prefer. With a simple consultation from the cosmetic surgeon of your choice, however, you’ll be able to view all your options and gain a greater understanding of how you’ll feel with an altered bust.

Some practices use complicated digital imaging to project your new cup size onto your chest, while others can provide you with a weighted bra to give you a real-life simulation of the change. Every person’s potential maximum cup size is different depending on their existing breast fat. Our advice is to chat with your consultant as thoroughly as possible to manage your expectations.

  1. Will I be able to breastfeed?

Thanks to the delicacy of the surgical process, not to mention the way that the implants themselves are positioned, your milk ducts will remain unaffected. However, the amount of milk a woman produces after giving birth will vary depending on personal hormone levels. If you’re worried about your milk ducts, don’t hesitate to contact your local GP.

  1. How important is the surgeon I choose?

Plenty of surgeons are all bound by a certain set of ethics, but some will invariably provide better advice on breast implants than others.

The crème de la crème of practices will provide you with a comprehensive consultation period, making sure you understand the implications of your surgery (a bit like this article, really). What’s more, you’ll leave their practice with an extensive aftercare programme, and know exactly who to get in touch with if you’ve got any queries.

And lesser practices? They’ll cut and run, essentially. These are the people in it purely for the money, the surgical equivalent of a payday loan company.

To figure out the difference between your ethical surgeons and cosmetic cowboys, check online reviews and seek multiple opinions. If in doubt, always head to your GP.

  1. How long will my implants last?

Although high-quality breast implants will last a long time, you’ll most likely have to head back in to surgery for new implants after about a decade or so. This is thanks partly the way your breasts will naturally change or shape as you age. Although this is to be expected, it’s a major consideration to make before you receive surgery.

  1. How long will I take to recover after surgery?

A large number of cosmetic surgeries will recommend you stay overnight at their surgery to recover, however you’ll largely be safe and ready to head home the day after surgery. Once you’re home, you’ll need about a week to relax and recover from your operation, so remember to book time off work, and you’ll have to wait for about a month until you can enjoy the full effect of your implants.

You also won’t be able to place any undue strain on your back for a while, so make sure to give vigorous exercise a wide berth for a while.

So what do you reckon? Are there any tips we’ve missed, or any points you’d like to make about breast implants? Then let us know in the comments below!

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