Breast Reduction Surgery

A list of the most popular questions asked about breast reduction surgery.

What is ‘breast reduction’ surgery?

This is the name given to the procedure to reduce the size of the breasts. Large breasts may sound attractive but the reality can be anything but attractive!

This procedure is also known as ‘mammaplasty’.

Many women find that large, heavy breasts can cause backache and other physical problems. There are psychological issues as well which include a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. Some women find that they are subject to unwanted attention or comments about their appearance.

The surgery itself involves removing breast tissue, fat and skin. The remaining underlying tissues and nipples are then moved to a higher location. The skin from both sides of each breast is moved down and around the areola. This gives the breast a new smaller contour. There are several breast reduction techniques which all help to reshape the breasts.

Breast reduction is often performed as part of breast asymmetry surgery. The difference between this and many other procedures is that it is done for physical rather than aesthetic reasons.

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