Otoplasty - ear correction surgery / ear reshaping surgery

This is the name given to the cosmetic procedure which corrects sticking out ears. It is also known as pinnaplasty or ear reshaping surgery. Many children and some adults (usually men) are unhappy with the shape and angle of their ears. Children are especially self-conscious about this condition and can be subject to bullying or teasing because of it.

It is usually performed on children aged 4 to 14 and adults.

What is otoplasty / ear reshaping surgery?

This is a cosmetic surgical procedure which corrects protruding ears by ‘pinning’ them or reshaping them to form a more natural looking appearance. The ears are then ‘pinned’ or pulled back towards the sides of the head to achieve a pleasing look.

Many people with sticking our ears feel self-conscious about their appearance and ask for the angle of their ears to be changed so that they look normal or to be reduced in size.

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