Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery

Inverted nipple correction surgery is a form of cosmetic surgery that is performed in order to turn an inverted or flat nipple around so that it protrudes normally. Women with one or more inverted nipples are born with the condition, but it is best to wait until she is of adult age or has been menstruating for at least three years before performing the surgery.

Understanding Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery

The exact procedure followed for inverted nipple correction depends upon the condition of the nipple.  In some cases, an incision can be made in order to draw out the nipple and to make it protrude in a natural way.  In other cases, however, the surgeon may need to create a nipple from the surrounding tissues.  Although the surgeon will do everything possible to keep the milk ducts in tact, it may be necessary to cut through the ducts in order to complete the surgery.  If the surgery only involves releasing an inverted nipple, it generally takes only about half an hour to complete and may be conducted under local anesthesia. 

Risks Associated with Inverted Nipple Correction

As is the case with any type of cosmetic surgery, there are certain risks involved with inverted nipple correction surgery.  Some of these include:

  • Bleeding
  • Bruising
  • Negative reaction to anesthesia
  • Scarring
  • Swelling

Potential complications that are specifically associated with inverted nipple correction surgery include:

  • Asymmetrical results
  • Inability to fully release the nipple in one or both breasts
  • Loss of ability to breast feed

Although the risks associated with inverted nipple correction surgery are minimal, it is still important to be fully aware of them before moving on with the procedure.  For most women, the potential risks are well worth the rewards of having breasts that look more natural and pleasing to the eye.

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