Buttock Lift Surgery

Also known as ‘bum lift surgery’: buttock lift surgery is undertaken in order to lift and firm sagging or droopy buttocks. The buttocks can change shape over time, due to weight loss/gain and the ageing process. As time goes on they do tend to sag and this surgery can help to restore them to their youthful state.

A buttock lift can be performed on its own or in conjunction with liposuction.

What is a ‘buttock lift’?

A buttock or ‘bum lift’ is surgery undertaken to remove excess skin from the buttocks which firms and tightens them. This will result in a higher, toned set of buttocks which will greatly enhance your appearance.

A buttock lift can treat cellulite, stretch marks following childbirth and poor quality skin in general.

This surgery can be performed with other cosmetic procedures such as thigh lift and abdomnoplasty.

This surgery can also be undertaken on your inner thighs which are equally prone to sagging and poor skin tone.

The buttocks can also be enhanced by implantation. This is called ‘gluteal augmentation’ and involves the surgeon inserting silicone implants underneath, or on top of the buttock muscles.

These help to shape and define the buttocks.

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