MYOBLOC® Injections (Botulinum Toxin B)

What is a MYOBLOC® Injection?

MYOBLOC® injections contain Botulinum Toxin Type B that is derived from the Clostridium Botulinum bacterium. It is the trade name for the injection used to relax muscle fibres.

What are the uses of MYOBLOC® Injections?

MYOBLOC® Injections are primarily a cosmetic non-surgical muscle relaxant treatment but may be used for other medical purposes. Popularly used as an alternate option to Botox treatment, MYOBLOC® Injection relax the muscles of the face to reduce frown lines that are caused by contracted facial muscles.

How does the MYOBLOC® Injection work?

MYOBLOC® Injections are used to insert Botulinum Toxin B into contracted muscle fibres, where the toxin works to block nerve transmission between the muscle fibres and nerve endings. This reduces contractions and relaxes facial muscles to eliminate frown lines and wrinkles. MYOBLOC® Injections are similar to Botox anti-ageing treatments.

Who is a good candidate for treatment with MYOBLOC®?

Only a doctor can evaluate an individual's suitability for treatment with MYOBLOC® Injections. To properly assess an individual's suitability for treatment the doctor will need to be informed of existing nerve and muscle conditions, including all medications or drugs in use.

Women who are breastfeeding, pregnant or intending to become pregnant in the near-future should inform their doctor as part of the suitability assessment.

What do MYOBLOC® Injection procedures entail?

MYOBLOC® Injections are administered in the same way as Botox injections. No anaesthetic is needed because any discomfort is short-lived and minimal. Initially, the doctor examines the face and facial muscle function for injection procedure purposes.

Over an approximate ten-minute period Botulinum Toxin B is injected several times into the facial muscles where frown lines or wrinkles are concentrated to relax muscles and reduce frown or wrinkle lines.

What are the potential side-effects of MYOBLOC® Injections?

Potential side-effects of MYOBLOC® Injections include:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Facial pain
  • Headaches
  • Eye twitching, squinting or double vision
  • Temporary drooping eyelids
  • Red or inflamed injection site
  • Nausea

What are the contraindications of MYOBLOC® Injections?

Treatment with MYOBLOC® Injections is not suitable for those who have:

  • Existing neurological disorders, such as Myasthenia Gravis.
  • A facial infection, particularly near the proposed injection site.
  • An allergy to Botulinum Toxin B or contained ingredients.
  • An intention of becoming pregnant or those who are pregnant.
  • To use medications that conflict with MYOBLOC® or any ingredient.

Antibiotics or guanidine may unhealthily interact with MYOBLOC® and so it is vital to inform the doctor of all medications in use.

How do MYOBLOC® and Botox compare?

Both treatments are used for non-surgical cosmetic procedures to reduce or eliminate frown lines and wrinkles and have very much the same effect. MYOBLOC® injections are a suitable, affordable and lasting alternate option to Botox injections. Some clinics stock MYOBLOC® because it stores well over longer periods and is readily available for those requiring treatment.

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