Guide to Thread Veins

Have you got thread veins?

What are thread veins? What causes thread veins? How do you treat thread veins? Can you prevent thread veins? Find the answers to these and any other questions you may have about thread veins in our complete guide to thread veins.

This is a comprehensive yet easy to understand guide which discusses all things to do with thread veins. This includes the causes and symptoms of thread veins; range of treatments and ways of preventing this all too common condition.

We have included the ever popular FAQs section which contains the commonly asked questions about thread veins. There is also a glossary of medical terms used within this guide and a useful links section.

Have you got varicose veins?

If you have varicose veins then you may be interested in our complete guide to varicose veins. These are often confused with thread veins but there are differences between the two.

Find out more in our complimentary varicose veins guide.

A helpful, informative guide about thread veins

Most of all, this guide is here to help you learn more about thread veins and what can be done to treat them. If you have developed thread veins or know someone who does then visit any of the sections mentioned below.

This guide is structured as follows:

This is a step by step approach to the problem of thread veins and how they are deal with.

A sympathetic approach to thread veins

This is a common condition which affects a great many people especially women. In response to that we have produced this guide which aims to educate, inform and reassure you about thread veins.

We approach this subject with sympathy and understanding and realise how upsetting this condition can be. Thread veins are not as prominent as varicose veins but even so, they can be just as unsightly.

So browse through this guide, in particular the range of treatments on offer which give very good results. The vast majority of patients are satisfied with the results.

Separate from varicose veins

We have emphasised this as it is easy to confuse thread veins with varicose veins. Many people assume that these are one and the same which is understandable.

Thread veins look similar in that they are often dark blue or purple in appearance and visible near the surface of the skin. But, that is where the similarities end.

Varicose veins are thick, swollen, twisted veins which bulge up and against the skin. Whereas thread veins are smaller and thinner and are found underneath the skin.

This guide looks at thread veins only.

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Guide to Thread Veins

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