A list of the most popular questions asked about breast augmentation surgery.

What is ‘breast augmentation’ surgery?

Breast augmentation is the medical name for a ‘boob job’. It means increasing the size of the breasts with a medical implant. This implant is usually made of silicone and is inserted into the breast via an incision in the crease underneath the breasts.

These implants are a silicone rubber shell filled with silicone gel or saline solution.

The insertion and type of implant will depend on your body type, personal preference and your surgeon’s advice.

You will be given a general anaesthetic and the implants will be inserted via the incisions made in the creases underneath the breasts. Other options include the armpits or near the areola (the circular area around the nipple). Your surgeon will then close the incisions with ordinary or dissolvable stitches. These are then taped for extra support and a light bandage will be applied.

You will experience some bruising and soreness after the surgery. This is completely normal and you will be given medication to control any pain.

You are looking at one to two weeks recovery time (approx.)

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