Can I have breast enlargement surgery on the NHS?

No, unless you can demonstrate a genuine need. Cosmetic surgery is often seen as a less serious branch of medicine. It is something that rich people do for reasons of pure vanity. This attitude still exists and because of that it is seen as something that you should pay for as it is a ‘lifestyle choice’.

The NHS is overstretched as it is and is struggling to meet people’s rising expectations. It prioritises treatment according to need. Funding is a constant issue and NHS trusts look to allocate funds where appropriate. There are so many demands on those funds and cosmetic surgery is way down the list.

If it is combined with reconstructive plastic surgery then you may be able to obtain NHS help but generally, it is a case of ‘you want it you pay for it’.
However, the NHS has been called upon to deal with cases of ‘botched’ surgery or complications following a cosmetic procedure. This is usually when a procedure has been performed by a surgeon who is not qualified or experienced in that procedure.

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