Who should consider breast enlargement surgery?

If you consider your breasts to be too small and would like to increase their size then this procedure is suitable for you. Many women feel less than feminine as a result of having small breasts. If a woman is looking to have a baby and breastfeed this baby then bigger breasts are better although they will increase in size during pregnancy.

But, what can happen is that the breasts lose size after pregnancy. If so then a ‘boob job’ can return them to their original size. Another reason is when one breast is larger than another: this surgery can ensure an even balance in breast size. And, breast augmentation can be used as a reconstructive technique if the patient has undergone another type of surgery.

Some women want a more youthful appearance or to increase their confidence and bigger breasts may help to do that.

Ideally, if you are aged 18 or over, in good health, not currently pregnant and are realistic about this surgery then you will be considered suitable for surgery.

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