Can I have breast enlargement surgery abroad?

There is the option to travel abroad for surgery. It is often cheaper than here plus there is the chance to have a short holiday as well. Sounds great doesn’t it?

We would recommend that you do your homework very carefully if you are thinking about this. Do your research, read up about the procedure and choose your surgeon carefully. Make sure that the price includes all the things you would get here such as 24 hour access to the surgeon and his/her team, aftercare etc. A cheaper deal may seem attractive but if you then find out that you have to pay for these as ‘optional extras’ then it is likely to be anything but cheap!

One major issue is that of aftercare: this can involve follow up check ups as well as being able to see your surgeon if something goes wrong. Now, if that happens here in the UK then you are a lot nearer to your surgeon than if you’ve had surgery in Singapore. Are you prepared to pay for another flight to return to that clinic?

Aftercare is very important: ideally, your surgery abroad should include a suitable length of stay which will ensure that any complications can be dealt and that you get enough of a rest before flying home. Some providers offer a holiday package as well which means that you can have a short break after your surgery.

They should provide you with instructions on what to do following your surgery and contact details. These will be a telephone number and an email address. An ideal situation is one in which the follow up visits, in the UK, take place as soon as possible. There should be several of these to ensure that things are progressing well.

You could always find a clinic or surgeon who provides the consultation and follow up visits here in the UK. The surgery itself is conducted abroad but the rest of the service is available in the UK.

You need to compare the standards of treatment and care with those in the UK. Make sure that these are as good as what you would get in the UK. Think about the language barrier as well. If you are going to a country where English is spoken freely then this is not a problem but could be if you are in a clinic where no-one speaks English.

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