What will happen after my breast enlargement surgery?

Following surgery you will be taken to the recovery area where nurses will monitor your progress. This means checking your blood pressure, heart rate and other vital signs. Once they are happy with your progress then you will taken back to your room.

Once there a nurse will check your progress again and will look at the operation wound. You will be bruised and sore but don’t worry, this is entirely normal and you will be given painkillers to control this.

You will have special compression pads placed on your legs which are designed to prevent the build of blood clots. Periods of inactivity, such as surgery can increase the risk of DVT and this will help to prevent that. You may also be given another injection of Heparin. You will be encouraged to get up and move around as soon as you can.

Surgical drains may still be in place: these are a temporary measure only and will help to drain off any excess fluids.

Once your surgeon and his/her team are satisfied with your progress you will then be discharged. You will be given a set of post-surgery instructions and an appointment for your first follow up visit. You will also be given a supply of painkillers to take home with you.

Your breasts will be very firm, high and swollen but this will ease over time. As the swelling eases they will become lower and softer. It can take up to a year before the implants settle properly into place. You may find it helps applying ice packs to the swollen areas which will reduce the swelling.

Having an anaesthetic can make you feel nauseous and drowsy. This will pass but do not drive, perform any task which requires concentration or take any sleeping tablets for 48 hours following surgery.

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